Adopting a Minimal Approach to a Baby Registry

From the moment I announced my pregnancy, I became bombarded with advertisements for baby products. I’m pretty sure Alexa was eavesdropping on my conversations and knew exactly when I’d missed my period. 

We registered for every doo-dad and thing-a-ma-bob. Drying racks for pacifiers, sterilizers and drying racks for bottles, burp cloths and baby toys. I had Amazon packages coming in on the daily, much to my delight. 

Becoming a new parent is overwhelming, and while it certainly helps to be prepared with the right products, we now take a more minimalist approach to a registry. On the other side of two kids, we’re purging the endless baby products that we amassed, while holding on to a few “investment pieces” that have proved their value over and over again. 

We designed the Movi with minimalism in mind. We’re all about better products that last for multiple children and bring joy and serenity to the home.

That’s why we’re confident that the “Big 5” categories for your registry will cover the essentials to bring your baby home from the hospital. You can feel confident that you’re well equipped to bring home baby, without every dood-dad and thing-a-ma-bob. 

  1. Travel: invest in a great carseat and stroller. You will use this everyday! A great carrier is also a must - Solly Baby, Wildbird, and ErgoBaby are some of our favorites! 
  2. Diaper Changing: invest in a quality contoured diaper changing pad. In the first year of your baby’s life, you’ll change nearly 2,000 diapers! Along with diapers and wipes, this is all you need to set yourself up for success. 
  3. Feeding: a great breast pumping system and bottle system is all you need to get started. Baby won’t need a high chair for the first 6 months. 
  4. Sleeping: choose a sleeping option, including a bassinet or pack ‘n play for the early months before transitioning to a crib. 
  5. Clothing: Invest in 12 sleepers for each growth phase (newborn, 3-6 months, 6-12 months). Keep it simple with a zipper for easy access changing. 

That’s it. Start with these 5 simple categories and add to them once baby arrives.