We believe in the power of family.

We believe that strong families will change the world, and that nurturing children is our greatest calling. New parenthood wasn’t easy for us, and that’s why our heart is to support, educate, and empower new parents in this life transition.

At Movi Family, our products travel through “every changing season” - from newborn to toddler and the thousands of diapers in between. We are committed to growing, moving families and the journey it takes to create a legacy.

We get that new parenthood is a messy job.

The learning curve is steep and the sleep deprivation is real. The Movi Cocoon makes diapering a little bit easier. With our one-handed strap and easy wipe down surface, we bring peace and serenity back to diapering.

Our Values

We believe that baby products should fit seamlessly into your home and create a moment of connection between you and your little one.

Protecting Children

Our products are tested according to the most rigorous child safety certifications. Beyond our product design, Movi Family exists to be a beacon of hope to fund child protection efforts around the globe. Read more about our partnership with Not For Sale.

Raising Parents

We believe that new moms and dads can thrive alongside their little ones. We know that parenthood is a journey of personal transformation, growth, and sacrifice, and that’s why our mission is to support families as they adapt, change, and embrace the wonder of this new season.


We create products that elevate the look of your home. We believe baby products should be beautiful, simple, and add both joy and functionality to your living space.

I’m Suzy, the founder of Movi Family.

The Movi Cocoon was designed with my own two daughters in mind.

There is a lot of change that comes within the first few months of a newborn - changing up to 6-8 diapers a day, sleepless nights, breastfeeding woes, a change in family dynamics - and having the right products eases some of those stressors.

I remember the stroller that we chose gave me a lot of joy in the midst of a major life transition; the design and the functionality of it instilled confidence for me. When adding to my baby registry, I wanted products that would be quality and would last years of wear and tear with young children.

The Movi Cocoon was designed with new parents in mind, to provide that ease of mind and confidence throughout the changing seasons.

In the family business

You want the best for your new baby.

We design, manufacture, and test our products with our own children in mind. We're parents who want the best for their baby - both in great design and child safety.